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Here is list of some of the services we offer:

Free Consultations
Whether it's complex integrated systems, home networking or PC support, let ANS assist you with planning and implementing any technology solution. With our Free Consultation, we can put our numerous years of experience to work for you and help you design the right system for your needs.
Internet Connections and E-Mail

Need to get your home or business on the "Net"... ANS can assist you with connecting your computers to the Internet and setting up Email, Domain Names, etc. Not sure what a Domain Name is or how to get an email address with your business name? We can take the mystery out of establishing Your Internet Presence.

Network Planning, Design, Consulting & Integration
ANS can design a network suitable for your business needs without breaking your budget. We will work with you to create a network that is stable, reliable and cost effective. 
Network and PC Troubleshooting
Having problems with your computer or network... Let us help you get your systems back up and running.
Web Design and Consulting
Does your business have a web site? If not, you are loosing customers to your competitors that do. ANS can design an attractive web site at a reasonable cost. Contact ANS today to let the power of the World Wide Web work for you.
Office Moves, Network Upgrades
Thinking of moving? We can help plan and setup your systems in your new location. We can handle everything from identifying the computer network needs, wiring the new location and connecting the systems once you have moved in. Don't make a move without ANS.
Wireless Networks
CUT THE CORD! Let ANS install a SECURE Wireless network in your home or place of business.
Home Networking/SOHO Offices
Welcome to the wired world. Whether you work out of the home or need the ability to share your internet connection with several computers in different rooms, ANS can get your home network up and running. Let us take the WORK out of Home NetWORKing.
Firewall Installation
VIRUSES, HACKERS, WORMS, TROJANS - they are all out there and if you are connected to the internet, your computer or entire system could be vulnerable to attack. Make sure your HOME AND OFFICE systems are safe behind an Internet Firewall.
Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery planning
Where would your business be if you lost access to your computer and the data it contains? How long could you afford to be down? For a day? A week? A month? ANS can assist you in ensuring your valuable data is backed up and accessible in the event of a system failure. We can also design contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures to help minimize down time do to unforeseen circumstances.
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